That Web Dude is a place for aspiring webpreneurs to learn, practice and grow. It's not for everyone.

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Hello! My name is, Ali. I'm "That Web Dude."

I'm a self taught software engineer and serial entrepreneur. I use this site to offer unique articles, tutorials and courses related to building things for the web. I'm glad you're here. Come on in and learn something!

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What Are You Working For – The CLP Analysis

Almost everyone on this planet has to work. We work most of our lives, actually. However, most of us never really reflect on “why” we’re working – the reason you…

Re-marketing Ads Explained – Why Do Ads Follow Me Around The Internet?

Have you ever wondered why you see the same damn ads on all the sites you visit? Well wonder no more! I’m about to explain you somethin, young buckley. It’s…

Become a Learn Boss – Why Continuous Growth is Essential for Career Development

You’ve probably heard it before – never stop learning. But have you ever embraced it? Do you actually get what that means??? I’m not sure you do… Everyone knows why…

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