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2019 Retrospect

2019 was a great year. Here’s my personal retrospect in annual fashion. But first, why do I do this? What’s the purpose of self-reflection? I find writing/blogging to be immensely…

One Business or Many – When and Why You Should Diversify

A common trait for entrepreneurs is the constant notion to create. We are driven to build new things, and most of us cannot turn this off. With this notion comes…

Building a Marketplace from Scratch – Part 1: Early Learnings

So you wanna build a marketplace? And… you’re thinking about building it from scratch? If so – you’ve come to the right place! I recently joined forces with John Doherty…

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Hello! My name is Ali.

I'm a self taught software engineer and serial entrepreneur. I'm glad you're here. Come on in and learn something!

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This site is a reflection of things I've learned during the course of my career. It combines both business and life to keep things diversified. I cover a wide range of topics with no specific goal other than giving.

I hope you find some value here.