That Web Dude is a place for aspiring webpreneurs to learn, practice and grow. It's not for everyone.

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Hello! My name is, Ali. I'm "That Web Dude."

I'm a self taught software engineer and serial entrepreneur. I use this site to offer unique articles, tutorials and courses related to building things for the web. I'm glad you're here. Come on in and learn something!

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Free and Premium Courses coming to a city near you!

Learn Modern UX Design

Modern UX Design

Not your mother's web design course. This is for the young stunners who are ready to up their design game.

  • How to design in the browser
  • Modern UX workflows
  • Advanced UX for ecommerce sites
Learn Advanced WordPress Development

WP Development

You thought you knew WordPress until now. Leverage WordPress for advanced website and web app development.

  • WordPress custom post types and taxonomies
  • Using WordPress for beta web app prototyping
  • Extending WordPress for advanced ecommerce
Learn Webpreneurship


Resources for the modern webpreneur - people who want to build online businesses and make that mula gula.

  • How to approach a new online business
  • Finding product-market-fit
  • Tools and resources for griznowth

In the Meantime...

Checkout the Blog and some of my Free Tutorials. They're good sh*t.

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